Colon Cleanse System Warring – The Colon Cleanse Cancer Connection

Colon Cancer, also known as colorectal cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death in the United States. This cancer is famous for being painless and most often displays no symptoms until the cancer has reached late stages. The only way to detect the formation of colon cancer is by undergoing a colonoscopy to thereby detect the small clumps of non-cancerous cells known as adenomatous polyps.It is believed that these small clumps of non-cancerous cells (adenomatous polyps) are the root cause of colon cancer. Although adenomatous polyps are typically non-cancerous, when left untreated, they often become cancerous.Unfortunately it is not until advanced stages have developed that symptoms begin to surface. The most common symptoms include significant changes in bowel movements, fatigue, flatulence, rectal bleeding, stomach pain, and constipation.Colon cancer can most often be prevented during the early stages when an early diagnosis is achieved. However, more often than not, colon cancer patients refrain from colonoscopies until the deadly symptoms have already surfaced.Colon Cancer Prevention Cholesterol and fat may contribute to an increased risk due to the deposits accumulated in the colon over time. On the other hand, dietary rich fibers such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts can provide valuable nutrition necessary for colon health.Most experts agree that regular cleansing maximizes the potential for optimal colon health, thus may prevent colon cancer formation. Toxins that are accumulated in the colon wall are flushed away through the use of colon cleansing systems and may lessen the formation of adenomatous polyps.Equally, colon cleansing systems decrease blotting, gas and constipation which may also attribute to other digestive health concerns. Cleansing detoxification may be the surest, and simplest method to maintain optimal colon health.The numerous health benefits associated to colon cleansing and body detoxification as well, go far beyond colon health. Colon and body detoxification are equally beneficial for optimal health, vitality and the rejuvenation process. Body cleansing procedures eliminate toxic waste primarily from vital organs and the blood stream, while a colon cleansing system primarily focuses on digestive and colon cleansing.